[How to fry chicken fillet]_How to fry_How to fry

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[How to fry chicken fillet]_How to fry_How to fry

In the streets and streets, there are always many delicious snacks, such as: stinky tofu, fried rice, Shennong small potatoes, grilled glutinous fish tofu rice cake, spicy skewers, hot and so on. Among them, fried chicken fillet is a relatively famous snack.Originally originated in Shanghai, it has spread throughout the country.

It is mainly made by frying chicken strips, and you can put chili, allspice powder, sweet plum powder, etc. according to personal taste.

This article explains how to fry chicken.

Fried chicken fillet is a home-cooked dish. The main ingredient is chicken breast. The main cooking technique is fried.

Fried chicken fillet can be eaten with dipping sauce.

Chicken with high nutritional value has a high protein content and is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. It has the function of strengthening physical strength and strengthening the body. It contains phospholipids that have important effects on human growth and development. It is an important source of trace and phospholipids in the Chinese supplementary structureOne.

At the same time, chicken is beneficial to the five internal organs, tonics the deficiency, tonics the stomach, strengthens the muscles and strengthens the bones, promotes blood circulation, collaterals, regulates menstruation, and stops leucorrhea.

The fried chicken fillet with sweet and sour tomato sauce has a pleasant taste, an appetite, and a beautiful color.

Here is a simple way to introduce fried chicken in tomato sauce.

Method 1 Ingredients: chicken breast, eggs.

Ingredients: oil, salt, bread crumbs, sesame, tomato sauce, sugar, vinegar.

Method / Steps: Cut chicken breast into one-inch thick fingers, add salt, pepper, cooking wine, oregano leaves and other seasonings to chicken fillet and marinate for ten minutes.

Put the eggs into the bowl, then put the chicken from the previous step, stir well and place for a while; mix the bread crumbs and sesame in a dish, then put the marinated chicken in the mixed bread crumbsMedium, make the chicken evenly covered with bread crumbs.

Simmer the oil in the pan to 60% heat, chop the chicken into the pan one by one, fry it over medium-low heat until golden brown, and suck the oil on a kitchen towel after removing it.

Tomato sauce: Burn a small amount of oil in a pan, add tomato sauce and stir fry; then add an appropriate amount of white vinegar, a mixture of salt and sugar, stir fry together and cook into a thick juice.

ps: When eating, you can separate the tomato sauce and dip it while eating; you can also pour the tomato sauce on the surface of the chicken.

Method 2: Prepare chicken breast, starch, egg liquid, bread crumbs, salt, allspice, and oyster sauce.

Pickled powder, fried powder, bread crumbs, spicy powder, and cumin powder.

Production steps: first cut the chicken breast into shreds, then add marinated water and soak for half an hour. The ratio of marinated water is fried chicken fillet with 20 grams of pickled powder per catty of chicken meat, and then stir well with 50 grams of water, and then fried chickenPaddle powder (the ratio is one pound of fried chicken flour to one pound of water).

Put the shredded pork into the leaves, wrap it with a layer of leaves, drain it, then add the bread crumbs to shake the bread crumbs, separate, and shake off the extra bread crumbs.

Fry in a pan for 1-2 minutes and remove. Sprinkle with cumin powder and spicy sprinkle powder into chicken fillet bag.