[Benefits and Disadvantages of Drinking Soda]_Impact_Efficacy

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[Benefits and Disadvantages of Drinking Soda]_Impact_Efficacy

Everyone knows that more than 70% of our bodies are hydrated.

We can skip meals every day, but we can’t stop drinking.

We now see a variety of different types of water in the market.

Among them, soda is a product that many people like.

Soda is weakly alkaline.

Although many people like soda very much, they don’t know what it is good for.

The role of soda water 1. The role of natural soda water In addition to sodium bicarbonate, natural soda water also contains a variety of trace element components, which is a good drink.

Only a few countries in the world, such as China, France, Russia, Germany, etc., produce natural soda water.

The source of domestic production of natural soda water is the Suyok water source in Tuoyun Township, Xinjiang.

Su-Yok’s pure natural soda aquatic products are produced in the eastern part of the “Roof of the World” Pamir Plateau, where the “Tianjing Yaochi” Tianshan and “the ancestor of the mountains” Kunlun Mountain meet.

The water source point is 3690 meters above sea level, thin air, roaring snow, barren and barren, and everything is silent.

Pure natural soda water has the following functions: 1. Nutrient-rich: Natural soda water is doped with boron, zinc, selenium, chromium and other ionic minerals and trace elements. These trace elements are in an ionized state and are more easily absorbed by the body.

2. Regulation of metabolism: Ideal pH value, the pH value of natural soda water is weakly alkaline, it is very necessary to transmit oxygen, regulate metabolism, exclude acid waste and prevent diseases.

3. Detoxification: Natural soda water can remove some free radicals in the human blood, remove toxins from the body, and keep the body in normal circulation and excretion.

Helps relieve indigestion and constipation.

4, reduce blood lipids: Natural soda has high solubility, can promote insulin secretion and plasma breakdown, and keep the body away from high blood lipids.

5. Beauty effect: It has anti-oxidant effect and can prevent skin aging.

Lemon + sparkling water: help to increase appetite, prevent skin aging, and beauty.

Soda water 1.

jpg6, Rheumatic diseases: Often the natural soda in the body can effectively excrete uric acid, which causes adverse effects in the body, and relieves patients from pain.

Although gout is more difficult to treat, as long as the natural soda is often often 15-30 days, the uric acid value in the blood will drop.

7. Exclude stones: Kidney stones are caused by excessive calcium concentration in urine due to lack of water. Metasilicic acid and calcium fluoride in soda water can help break down and eliminate stones.

8, hangover: Soda has the magic effect of hangover.

For drunk people, a few glasses of soda can quickly hang up.

9. Balance acid and alkali in the body: Proper supplementation of soda water can balance acid and alkali, improve the effect of acidic physique, and reduce the chance of getting sick in the body.

10. Stomach nourishment: For people who do not have gastric acid secretion and metabolism, they are often treated with soda water, which can neutralize gastric acid in the stomach, and has a good stomach nourishing effect.

11. Relieve fatigue: When you are tired from work, drink soda can relieve fatigue.

12, improve sleep quality: people who have poor sleep or insomnia, often counter-resuscitation and water, can improve sleep quality.

Health care experts remind: Because weak acidity and alkalinity can neutralize the effect of gastric acid, it is not recommended to take it for a long time, especially those with too little gastric acid secretion, otherwise it will aggravate gastric acid deficiency.

Hypertensive patients are also suitable to receive soda, because soda contains a large amount of sodium, and hypertension patients want to reduce sodium intake.

Healthy people are not suitable for long-term permanent soda, otherwise the sodium content in the body will be exceeded.