[How to make banana slices in the oven?

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】 _How to bake_How to bake

[How to make banana slices in the oven?
】 _How to bake_How to bake

Since the oven entered millions of households, it has brought great disadvantages to people’s lives.

In fact, we can use the oven to make a lot of delicious food in our lives, which is a great thing for foodies.

It is only necessary to strictly follow the instructions when operating the oven, so as not to cause danger.

So, how is it best to bake banana slices in the oven?

The nutritional value of bananas is almost everyone’s knowledge, so how to make banana slices?

1. Thinly slice the bananas. Choose the freshest hard-bodied bananas. (Do not use unripe bananas, or they will be astringent.) Then slice them into thin slices and make them as thin as possible. Homemade banana slicesDifferent from the process produced by the factory, you can only win by thin; 2. Then line it on a non-stick cloth; 3. Apply a layer of fine sugar on the surface.

Remember to use fine granulated sugar, not powdered sugar, or too thick sugar, which doesn’t taste good.

Although the banana itself is already sweet, the fine sugar helps to complete the crispness, so a thin layer can be used to help; 4. The oven is set at 100 degrees, the upper layer, the time is about half an hour to 40 minutes, but mainly to seeThe actual situation, if it feels soft and sticky, continue to bake, anyway, this is a low temperature dormancy, can not cost too much electricity.

If the oven has hot air, it must be opened together. The drying speed will be refreshed. After drying until the surface is not sticky and has been formed, lift it from the tarpaulin; 5. Move them to the grill, continue 100 degrees, middle, timeAbout half an hour.

It will become slightly soft when the grilling net is used, because some sides were pasted with linoleum before. This step is to allow both sides to dry and dry until both sides are dry. It is obviously crispy and hard to the touch.

If the time is up and you feel that it is not enough, add more time to dry without staring.

Low temperature, will not burn out; 6, dry out after baking, when it is completely cool is the most crunchy time, if you do not want to eat immediately, it must be sealed in a dry crisper to keep it crispy.